New Firefighter Testing

Physical Performance Assessment
The Physical Performance Assessment (PPA) is a test designed to assess the physical ability of department members and persons seeking employment with the Murphy Fire Department. It consists of 9 events (or skills) that simulate fire ground activities. All events are to be completed in succession without rest and at maximum effort of the member or candidate. The assessment is a pass / fail evolution but will be timed for the purpose of evaluating potential employees. Running during the assessment is not permitted.

All persons taking the test will wear a turnout coat, gloves, a helmet, a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), shorts / pants, and shoes of choice. With the exception of the first event, the remainder of the assessment will be completed while breathing air from SCBA. Members or candidates that run out of air prior to completion of the assessment shall disconnect the regulator from the mask and complete the assessment with the mask in place. SCBA bottles will be considered “full” if the gauge on the bottle reads 3,800 psi or higher. All persons taking the test will begin with “full” bottles. Members or candidates will also be required to carry a tool during all events. The assessment will not be considered complete until all events are completed and the member or candidate crosses the finish line with the tool.

Proctor & Member / Candidate Responsibilities

The PPA will be demonstrated for all applicants by Fire Department personnel prior to administration of the assessment and a test proctor will accompany each person taking the assessment. The proctor accompanying the firefighter will provide direction as needed during the assessment but it is the member's or candidate's responsibility to:
  • Audibly state the observance of overhead obstructions in event 7
  • Carry the provided tool from start to finish without reminder
  • Complete the assessment at a steady pace without rest
  • Complete the assessment under their own power, without help
Failure of the member or candidate to adhere to the above stated responsibilities will result in test failure. Further, any member or candidate that cannot complete the test due to a medical problem such as chest pain, dizziness, nausea / vomiting, or other medically related complaints must immediately notify the Fire Department proctor so that medical treatment may be administered.

Note: Any member or candidate that cannot complete the test due to a medical problem will be required to provide documentation of medical clearance by a medical doctor before they will be returned to duty or allowed to continue with the employment process and then only with the successful completion of the PPA.