Citizens on Patrol

Past, Present, and Future...

The Citizens on Patrol (COP) division was formed in 2010 by a group of Citizens Police Academy alumni as a supplemental, non law enforcement, patrol division designed to assist patrol officers in reducing crime and other basic duties.

With 21 active members and an average of 300 volunteer hours per month the COP's operation has far exceeded its initial expectations. COP's now operate side-by-side with patrol officers on calls such as disabled vehicles, accidents, traffic control, vacation watches, and much much more.

There are great plans for expanding the COP division in the future as new technology is adopted by the Murphy Police Department and this is just one of the many ways of giving back to your community via the city's police department.

Getting Involved

The Citizens on Patrol program is invaluable to the success of the Murphy Police Department and depends 100% on volunteers. Those interested in joining the Citizens on Patrol program simply need to fill out the application online or in person at the Police & Courts building. 

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