Economic Development

Providing Business Development Funds

The City of Murphy and Murphy Municipal Development District (MMDD) are committed to the promotion and retention of high-quality development in all parts of the city and to an ongoing improvement in the quality of life for its citizens.

MMDD will consider providing incentives in accordance with the procedures and criteria outlined below. Nothing herein shall imply or suggest that the City of Murphy or the MMDD are under any obligation to provide any incentive to any applicant. Only fully completed applications shall be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Regulations & Requirements

All incentives provided by the MMDD must have as their underlying goal to further economic development in Murphy. The goals to be achieved by an accepted incentive application should be measurable and as set forth in an agreement between the city and the recipient. Recommendations for incentives will be based upon evaluation of criteria including, but not limited to, the following:
  • How many jobs and what type of jobs will be brought to Murphy?
  • How much direct sales tax will be generated?
  • What beneficial economic impact will the project have on the community?
  • What infrastructure construction will be required?
  • What is the value of the Real and Business Personal Property that will be added to the tax rolls?
  • How will the project contribute to the overall quality of life for Murphy residents?

Contact Us

For additional questions, please contact Tina Stelnicki, Community Development Coordinator, at 972-468-4118.

Coming Soon!

Pie Five, 109 N. Murphy Road - Spring 2018
Code Ninjas, Coming Soon to 109 N. Murphy Road
10F Below Ice Cream, Coming Soon to Murphy Marketplace
ATI Physical Therapy, Coming Soon to 410 W. FM544

R Taco, 109 N. Murphy Road - Now Open
PPG Paints, 511 E. FM 544, Suite 103 - Now Open
Turmeric, 511 E. FM 544, Suite 109 - Now Open
Popcorn is Bliss, 410 W. FM544 - Now Open
Edward Jones, Melissa Carlisle, 318 W. FM 544, Suite D2 - Now Open
Farmers Insurance, Tracy Hirsch, 318 W. FM 544, Suite D4 - Now Open
Revive Med Spa, 318 W. FM 544, Suite A4 - Now Open
Boba Lush, 511 E. FM544, Suite 107 - Now Open
Pho 544, 121 E. FM544, Suite 125 - Now Open
Starwood Cafe, 231 E. FM544, Suite 709 - Now Open
Kung Fu Tea, 160 FM544, Suite 90 - Now Open
Murphy Self Storage, 305 W. FM 544 - Now Open
Kumon of Murphy, 412 Village Drive #200 - Now Open
Bright Eyes Center, 601 W. FM 544 - Now Open
For information on these or any other businesses in Murphy, please contact
 Tina Stelnicki at 972-468-4118 or email