Vision Statement & Guiding Principals

Murphy's Vision Statement
Murphy values being a safe, vibrant, family-oriented, distinctive City that fosters a strong sense of community 

Murphy's Guiding Principals
In order to accomplish and sustain our Purpose, Murphy will follow these guiding principles: 

We will:

    * Seek innovative solutions for local issues; 

    * Have engaging community activities and programs for all ages; 

    * Have attractive and inviting parks and trails; 

    * Encourage civic & community involvement; 

    * Have a bold sense of economic vitality; 

    * Maintain professional and highly trained staff with a servant leadership focus; 

    * Respectfully enforce all laws and regulations; 

    * Have well maintained infrastructure; 

    * Uphold quality building standards; 

    * Have strong relationships with neighboring communities; 

    * Be compassionate, caring citizens, neighbors and city staff.