Benefits Overview



Full Time Employee Benefits Summary

    • Retirement benefits provided through the Texas Municipal Retirement System.  Mandatory contributions via payroll deduction - employee contributes 7% and the City matches 2 - 1. 
    • Term Life Insurance plan of $20,000 paid for by the City of Murphy. Supplemental coverage is available for purchase by the employee.
    • Medical/Dental/Vision insurance. City pays the full premium for employees and provides a 50% premium contribution for qualified dependents. PPO plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dental plan with Ameritas and Vision plan with VSP. Benefits are deducted pre-tax, see table below for rates.
    • Telemedicine, including a behavioral health component, fully funded by the City of Murphy
    • Flexible Spending Health and Dependent Care accounts available for employee contribution. 
    • Long-term disability insurance paid by the City of Murphy. 
    • Identity Protection plan available through My ID Care.  
    • Longevity pay:  All full-time employees receive $4.00 per month for each year of service beginning the month following the first full year of service.
    • Employee Assistance Program provided free to employees and family members.
    • Vacation:  Two weeks (10 days) annually through the first five years, three weeks (15 days) annually from 5 years to 10 years, and four weeks (20 days) annually for 10 years of service and beyond.  Time accrues incrementally each pay period. 
    • Sick time:  Two weeks (10 days) annually - accrued incrementally each pay period.  Time can be rolled over each year to a maximum of 720 hours. 
    • 10 paid holidays per year.
    • Deferred Compensation Plan (457) offered by Mission Square. Optional and fully funded by the employee.

Rates for Medical/Dental/Vision insurance:

 Semi-Monthly* Premiums

 Coverage Level Medical Insurance Dental Insurance Vision Insurance Enhanced Vision My ID Care
Employee OnlyNo CostNo CostNo Cost$ 2.26$4.98 
Employee + Spouse$167.09$9.18$1.05 $4.66 N/A
Employee + Child(ren)$119.38$14.00$1.10 $4.79 N/A
Employee + Family$245.17$23.07$2.84 $8.79$8.98 

Employees are paid bi-weekly (26 times per year), but insurance premiums are deducted only 24 times per year.