Video Crime Watch Program

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Do You Have A Video Surveillance System?


The Murphy Police Department is asking for help from residents, business owners and property management companies to create a resource for Officers and Detectives in the fight against crime. The Neighborhood Video Crime Watch program asks owners of video surveillance cameras to volunteer their information and complete an online form that has basic questions about their video system's capabilities.

If a crime happens, a Police Officer or Detective can check the database for businesses and homes in the vicinity of the crime with a surveillance system. If one is listed in the database, Police may contact that location and ask them to review their footage to see if anything was captured that may help with the case. Video surveillance systems are becoming more common as the technology improves and the purchase price becomes more affordable.

The Murphy Police Department has seen an increase in surveillance systems used by businesses, property management companies and residents and has successfully made arrests in cases where the surveillance video captured the suspect in the act. This resource will allow Police to more quickly identify video camera locations where suspect information may have been captured.

If you have questions, you can contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 972-468-4214.