Water Leaks

Water Leak Information

The City of Murphy ordinances allows customers who have suffered an excusable defect to receive a leak adjustment. All leaks are a priority; however, leaks posing a potential threat to health and safety are handled as emergencies and receive priority response. Please call our emergency number at 972-468-4236 if you are experiencing this kind of leak.

Please provide a Leak Credit Application to the Customer Service Department requesting a leak credit and include the service address, the approximate dates the leak occurred and the repair receipt in order to receive proper credit. A leak credit will be applied only after a customer presents proof of a repair of the leak to the Customer Service Department.

When Credits Will Be Applied

When the leak credit has been approved by the Customer Service Department, a credit will be applied on your water statement and you will be notified of the credit. Leak credits are based on water usage consumption, not dollar amounts.  The leak credit will apply to water usage only and a leak credit shall be applied only once in a 12 month period as appropriate. A maximum of 3 months of average leak credit will be considered during the duration of the leak. Please continue to make your monthly payments as scheduled.