What is going on?

The City has partnered with Professional Meter Services, Inc., to conduct replacement of select water meters.  The City is replacing units based on age and consumption to maintain the integrity of our system so we can provide the best possible service to our residents.

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1. What is going on?
2. Who is Professional Meter Services, Inc.?
3. When will this happen?
4. How long will the project take?
5. How many water meters will be replaced?
6. How will I know if my water meter is affected?
7. What if I miss the postcard?
8. If I think my water meter needs to be replaced, how can I be added?
9. If my water meter needs to be replaced, does that mean something is wrong with the water coming into my home?
10. How does the City know my water meter needs to be replaced?
11. What if I do not want to have my water meter replaced?
12. Will changing the water meter increase the cost of my water bill?
13. Will I be charged or billed for the meter replacement?
14. What happens if my water meter needs to be replaced?
15. How long will my water be off?
16. What if I am not home or do not answer?
17. Since this will take 8-10 weeks to complete, can I get an estimated timeframe of when my water meter will be changed out?