Responsibilities & Services

The Murphy Fire Rescue Department is a full-service, municipally-supported organization. Our current Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating for insurance purposes is 1. We respond to over 1200 emergency calls for service each year. Fire loss has been held to minimal levels despite the addition of several hundred new buildings, partly due to inspections and enforcement.

The Fire Department does more than just respond to emergencies. Routine duties consist mainly of those actions necessary for fire prevention and readiness. We conduct public education programs for block parties, homeowner’s associations, day care centers, community groups, and scout groups. All site plans submitted to the city's Planning and Zoning Commission are reviewed by the Fire Marshal to assure compliance to the city's Fire Code. Fire inspections are done for all new and existing businesses in town as well as monitoring the status of fire protection systems in place. Firefighters regularly check construction sites for proper fuel storage and access.

Record Reporting

Additionally, records are maintained in accordance with state requirements. All fire calls are reviewed for quality assurance. Run reports are sent to the state under the Texas Fire Incident Reporting System. Similarly, emergency medical calls are reviewed by the Assistant Chief and Medical Director to maintain a high level of competency among our members.


The department is staffed by 21 full-time firefighters working 3, 48-hour shifts, for a total of 21 shift-assigned personnel supported by 1 chief officer, 1 assistant chief, 1 fire marshal and an administrative assistant. Currently the  fire department is staffed with 21 career firefighter / paramedics, 7 per shift.