Streets & Traffic

Responsibilities & Services

The Streets and Traffic Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for the surface repair and preventive maintenance of streets, signage, curbs, and sidewalks throughout the city. This is accomplished by reducing pavement deterioration with proper maintenance techniques. Additional functions include: minimizing hazardous roadway conditions, performing drainage work, and responding to citizen requests for service.

This division also responds to emergencies and weather-related events as needed in an effort to assure safe conditions for the citizens and motorists.

Storm Drainage Maintenance
Storm inlets are checked and maintained on a complaint and as-needed basis. Debris collects in these inlets, which can restrict the outflow and cause a flooding hazard during excessive rainfalls. Inlets are inspected each year, along with reports of any other storm drains that may cause a potential problem.

Please report any violations noticed of dumping in storm drains.  The storm drainage system flows directly to creeks and lakes, so any dumping in storm drains will pollute our waters and water habitats.

Report your concerns and issues to the RequestTracker or call (972) 468-4024.