Patrol Division

Division Responsibilities & Services

The largest, most visible, and crucial component of the Murphy Police Department is the Patrol Division. Patrol is often considered the backbone of any police department and this is certainly true in Murphy. Patrol is one of five divisions of the Murphy Police Department and operates 24/7/365.

Patrol officers are assigned one of four city “beats” upon the beginning of each shift. Each officer is then held responsible for the prevention and reporting of crime in their assigned beat. Patrol officers use intuition alongside state-of-the-art crime mapping software to better predict and prevent crime throughout the City of Murphy. View the Police Department District Map to see which beat you live or work in. You may also check out to see current crime trends in your area, and sign up for free updates in your area.

Primary Duties

The primary duties of patrol officers are:

  • Crash investigations
  • Community policing (i.e., attending neighborhood functions or answering police related questions from citizens and businesses)
  • Crime prevention
  • Directed patrols (i.e., watching a specific area with a certain crime trend or reported problem)
  • Enforcement of state laws as well as city ordinances
  • Enforcement of traffic laws
  • Taking reports and conducting field investigations of crime and other incidents
  • Warrant arrests

The Patrol Division also maintains a bicycle unit, which is capable of continuous patrol of one certain area (such as shopping centers) or responding to areas that normal patrol cars may be limited (i.e., special events or city functions).

Contact Us

To provide feedback or obtain additional information on the patrol division, please contact Lt. Adana Barber.

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