Athletic Field Reservations

Athletic Field Reservation Procedures
**Field reservations with the City of Murphy Recreation Department are required for all sports practices on City of Murphy property Monday through Thursday 5PM - 8PM. 

Athletic field reservations can be made online and are made on a first come first serve basis.
Reservations for Spring / Fall Seasons will open up on the following dates:

  • Spring Season: November 1 at 9:00 a.m.
  • Fall Season: June 1 at 9:00 a.m 

 To reserve a field online:


Athletic Field Reservation Policies


  • Reservations are first come first serve and can be made online.
  • Reservations during prime-time (Monday – Thursday) are limited to 2 one-hour reservations per week and for soccer fields, the reservation will be for ½ of the field, per team/group (Or full field at Murphy Central Park). 
  • Friday and Saturday reservations for any field have no time restrictions. Soccer field reservations have no field size (1/2 or full) restrictions.
  • Sunday all athletic fields are open play only, no reservations are allowed.
  • Reservations are available only to citizens, business owners, and business workers within Murphy city limits. Proof of residency or employment is required online. 
  • Reservation parties are responsible for disposing of litter in trash receptacles or taking it with you. Please report any maintenance issues or hazards to Parks Maintenance at 972-468-4352. Please leave the area clean
  • Please notify the city when practices are canceled so others can use the field. There is a 3-strike policy if reservations are not canceled before practice. Failure to report canceled reservations after the 3rd time will result in a cancellation of the remaining season reservations. Report cancellations to the Recreation Department at
  • Restrooms are closed from December 1 - February 28. Parks with restrooms include The Timbers Nature Preserve,  North Hill Park, and Murphy Central Park. 
  • The city reserves the right to modify these rules as necessary.