Green Murphy

Vision Statement

To make Murphy the cleanest and most beautiful city in North Texas.

Mission Statement

To instill pride in the community through education, communication, and participation in improving their community environment through numerous programs and projects.


To be a clearinghouse and recognize the outstanding efforts of businesses, schools, media, educators, youth, individuals, civic groups, government, and city departments in Murphy in fulfilling the mission and vision of improving our community through litter prevention/pollution solutions, beautification, and waste reduction.

For more information - please contact Candy McQuiston, Director of Keep Murphy Beautiful at   
972-468-4045 or

Members of the Green Team

  • Candy McQusiton
  • Teresa Thompson
  • Adana Barber
  • Jocelyn Hill
  • Bailey Ragsdale


  • Lyle Samples
  • Matt Foster
  • Dawnelle Rounsavall
  • Pat Skinner
  • Tina Stelnicki