Street Panel Replacement

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Over the next several weeks, starting on March 28, the City and its partner contractors, will be replacing segments of street panels, a process that serves to lengthen the life of the street by reconstructing portions of the roadbed in a cost-effective manner.

A total of seven segments are scheduled for the street panel replacement process. Most of the segments are only one block long or less whereas others are several blocks long, and one spans up to a mile in length.

While the timeline for each of the segments, both the start date and end date, will vary, each affected homeowner or property owner will be notified of the expected closures and suggested detours. The process of panel replacement is not as extensive as a complete reconstruction. However, the process does require portions of streets to be closed for specific timeframes.

Among the shorter segments scheduled for replacement are Kinney Dr. near the Ridgeview Dr. intersection; Ashley Place near the cul-de-sac; Elmcrest Dr. between S. Murphy Road and Red Oak Dr.; and Celebration Parkway on either side of Cave River Dr.

Segments of several blocks in length include Deerfield Dr. and Fallbrook Dr. near Hawthorne Dr.; and the southbound lanes of McCreary Rd. The longest segment involves the majority of Hawthorne Dr. from FM 544 southward.

Disruption of local traffic will be intermittent throughout the replacement process, and steps will be taken to ensure at least one lane is open for motorists. Nevertheless, extreme caution is advised, as crews and equipment will be present at each location before and during the replacement process.

As always, inclement weather will affect either the start or the end of the replacements, and the segments will be replaced on a consecutive, rather than simultaneous, schedule.