Water Main Looping

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“Please note: the project discussed in the letter below only affects residents within the proposed project area and all affected residents will receive a mailed copy of this letter.”

Dear Resident,

The City of Murphy plans to utilize American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (otherwise known as ARPA funds) to engineer and construct water main “loops” and flushing valves in the city’s water distribution system. This project will enhance water quality, improve fire protection, minimize water loss due to flushing, and reduce labor effort required to safely and properly manage the water distribution system.

The City has selected KSA Engineers to provide project-related general engineering and surveying services for the subject ARPA Project. Additionally, the city is in the process of selecting a land acquisition agent to help acquire easements required to construct the new water main loops. The City, the engineer, and the land agent will work together to educate the intended landowners and residents about the proposed project. 

As a first step, we are requesting your permission to allow our survey crews to enter your property to perform land survey and utility locates, tentatively scheduled for the month of April 2022. Surveyors will need exterior access for a maximum of 2 hours in total. If this property has been sold, please provide the name and address of the new owner. If there are any lessors or tenants on the property that should be contacted, please include this information in the space provided below. If you agree, please sign in the space provided below and then mail the signed original back to us in the stamped, addressed envelope we have enclosed for your convenience.  You can also provide your acceptance through the QR code link provided below. Every effort will be made by KSA Engineers to meet your special requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact Bryce Gullatt (Administration Assistant Public Services) at (972) 468-4378. The City, engineer and land agent will provide updates as work occurs.  Customers are encouraged to update their contact information by contacting Bryce Gullatt.


Timothy Rogers

Public Services Director