The Corridor at Murphy


The Corridor at Murphy” is the city’s name for the commercial district along FM 544.  Stretching from Dublin Road on the west to McCreary Road on the east, this two-mile long roadway is the central point of the local economy.  The new name is part of an effort to improve brand awareness of Murphy and an opportunity to distinguish Murphy from the surrounding communities. The name speaks directly to the property of ‘the corridor’ of businesses along FM 544.

The logo is a stylized version of the name, with a white or blank stripe running along the center of the letters.  The empty space running through the center of the logo creates a corridor.   The type is presented in a stylized combination of colors to represent the diversity of businesses along FM 544.

The Corridor, “It’s where to go” for area residents seeking goods, services, dining, and entertainment options.

The Corridor at Murphy Video