K. What about brushing teeth?

Use bottled or boiled water to brush teeth.

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1. A. What is a Boil Water Notice?
2. B. Why is the boil water notice important?
3. C. How does the City of Murphy inform customers about boil-water notices?
4. D. What does boiling water accomplish?
5. E. Why are Precautionary Boil Water Notices issued?
6. F. What if I accidentally drank tap water before I learned about the Boil Water Notice?
7. G. How long should water be boiled?
8. H. How does boiling water make it safe to drink?
9. I. Should I use bottled water?
10. J. Can I wash my hands in tap water during the notice period?
11. K. What about brushing teeth?
12. L. Can I take a shower?
13. M. What about washing dishes?
14. N. Can I wash food with tap water?
15. O. Can I use tap water for making coffee, tea, lemonade, baby formula, frozen juice, or other beverages?
16. P. Can I use my ice maker during the notice?
17. Q. Does a water filter protect me?
18. R. Is it safe to give water to pets?
19. S. Can I use tap water to water my grass or garden?
20. T. If the street next to my street is under a Precautionary Boil Water Notice, will the same precautions apply to me?
21. U. When will the Precautionary Boil Water Notice be lifted?
22. V. Is there anything I must do after the Precautionary Boil Water Notice is lifted?
23. W. Who should I contact with additional questions or concerns?