Traffic Violation Fines

Fine Schedule for Traffic Violations

Violation Fine Amount
Defective equipment $224
Disregard flashing signal $224
Disregard police officer $224
Disregard traffic control (passing, directional, signal) $224
Drivers license, CDL (expired, endorsement restriction) $271
Drivers license, display altered $271
Drivers license-driving while license invalid $271
Drivers license, failure to display $171
Drivers license, failure to obtain CDL within 30 days of residency $171
Drivers license, failure to report change of address or name $171
Drivers license, more than one $171
Drivers license, no valid license $271
Drivers license, violate restriction $324
Drove on wrong side, center lane, sidewalk, etc. $224
Drove without lights $224
Expired motor vehicle registration $171
Expired motor vehicle inspection $224
Fail to yield right-of-way causing accident with bodily injury $604
Failure to comply with requirements striking unattended motor vehicle $204
Failure to control speed $224
Failure to dim headlights $224
Failure to drive in a single lane $224
Failure to identify $324
Failure to signal $224
Failure to stop at railroad crossing $224
Failure to yield to right of way $224
FMFR, failure to display financial responsibility (insurance) $271
FMFR, second $471
FMFR, third $671
Following ambulance / fire apparatus $224
Following too closely $224
Improper turn, hand signal, use of lamps, or use of horn $224
License plate, missing $171
License plate, wrong plate $171
License plate, light violations $224
License plates, fictitious $271
License plates, unclean or obscured $171
Misuse of placard (handicap) $571
Motor vehicle inspection expired $204
Motor vehicle registration, operating unregistered vehicle $171
Motor vehicle registration (or trailer), expired / failure to display $171
Parked in prohibited area $170
Parked in prohibited area (handicap), first offense $571
Parking in fire lane $170
Passing school bus $649
Permit unlicensed driver to drive $171
Ran red light $224
Ran red light - right turn on red $224
Ran stop sign $224
Seatbelt violation, driver $224
Seatbelt violation, passenger over age 15 in front seat $224
Seatbelt violation, unrestrained child age 5 and under $324
Turned left / right from wrong lane $224
Unsafe Passing $224
Unsafe speed $224
Violate promise to appear $219
Wireless communication device used in school zone $214