2018-02 N. Maxwell Creek Rd

Overall Percent Complete




The remaining lane of the roadway has been paved and the contractor is working on driveway paving on the east side.  Upon completion there of, road will be opened to two-way traffic from Willow Wood to City Hall while contractor completes section at the rail road crossing.  

50.113 North Maxwell Creek Road:

Type 2 Improvement:  Remove & Dispose of Existing Asphalt Paving; Place Reinforced Concrete Roadway; Minor Drainage Swale Improvements and Protection Abutting Residential Driveways - Approx. 3,700 linear feet

85.23 N. Maxwell Creek Sidewalk and RR Crossing:

Connection of sidewalk and upgrade the railroad crossing on North Maxwell Creek Road through the Dart Railroad right of way.

Area Impacted: