Division Responsibilities & Services

The Records Division is located in the Police and Courts Building (206 North Murphy Road) and is the place to go for any police-related records. These include but are not limited to crash reports, incident reports (i.e., anytime the police respond to your house or make contact with you), animal control reports, and other similar items. The Records Division window is the first thing you see on your left when entering the Police and Courts Building, and it is staffed Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Note: All record requests require the completion of a specified open records request form. The Department has ten business days to fulfill or respond to open records requests. Please feel free to call the Police Department at (972) 468-4200 in advance to request the record and pre-fill the specific request form found below that you need to help save you time.

Record Request Forms, Applications & Resources

Fee Schedule

  • Crash Reports - $6
  • Certified Crash Reports - $8
  • Patrol car footage (DVD format) - $3
  • Body camera footage  -  $10.00 per recording + $1.00 per full minute of video or audio