About Us

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Responsibilities & Services

The men and women of the Murphy Police Department are committed to delivering high quality professional police services.  It is our mission to create a safe and secure environment for the citizens of Murphy through protection as well as prevention.  Our personnel are dedicated to protecting life and property while maintaining peace and tranquility within the community. 

Our commitment to ensuring the safety of Murphy’s citizens rings true. The City of Murphy was listed by Safe Wise  as the seventh safest city in Texas in 2020.  The Home Security Advisor lists the City of Murphy as the third safest city in Texas in 2019. Both Safe Wise and The Home Security Advisor use statistics provided by the FBI uniform crime reports. Our goal is to continue to reduce crime and accidents in Murphy. This is accomplished by our employees through partnerships with our citizens and businesses.

Online Services

We hope you find our website informative and useful with a wide array of web based services available.  We are proud to participate with RAIDSOnline.com a live crime statistics site.  This database updates daily and allows citizens to receive crime alerts happening in their neighborhoods and across the city.

Our second set of online services is geared towards staying connected with each and every citizen in the social media era.  The Murphy Police Department is proud to participate in both two-way and one-way community networking via many social media sites, all of which may be found on the community network page.