Division Responsibilities & Services

Say you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, your neighbor's house is on fire, or someone just broke into your house. Ever wonder who answers your call for help or how the Police and Fire departments know where to go or what’s going on? This is all handled by the highly trained and certified communications officers within the Murphy Police Communications Center. dispatch
Each of our communications officers are certified in adult / infant CPR, emergency medical dispatch (EMD), and several other job-related duties. Just like the Patrol Division, the Communications Center is opened 24 hours a day, seven days a week (including holidays and weekends).

Common Functions

The most common functions of the Communications Center are as follows:
  • Checking vehicles and people for warrants or stolen status via state and national databases
  • Dispatching police, fire, and paramedics to calls for service
  • Disseminating appropriate information to citizens upon request
  • Maintaining the location and status of all police officers, firefighters, and paramedics while assigned to a call for service
  • Monitoring city facilities via electronic door locks and 41 closed circuit television cameras
  • Receiving calls (both emergency and non-emergency) from residents, businesses, and motorists passing through our city

Contact Us

At the Murphy Police Communications Center we believe that our number one priority is the safety and satisfaction of all individuals we come in contact with, and we work hard to accomplish that goal.